Habits of Mind (HOM) enable students to behave intelligently when they don’t know the answer or when they are faced with challenging situations. HOM will equip our students holistically for the challenges of the 21st century. It helps to develop a thirst for questioning and searching, within and outside the classroom. In particular, HOM inculcates good learning habits and thinking dispositions so that our students can become self-directed, life-long learners.



Semester 2 (Term 4) - Time-Table 2014 


Please click here  for the Time-Table 2014 Semester 2



SFE Parenting Talk for 2014 Term 4 


Check out the upcoming Parenting Talk in Term 4 in the SFE page.


Alternatively, you can also download the Letter here.



Important Dates for MSP in Semester 2 - 2014 


Please click here to download the file








Travel Declaration for June Holidays 2014

Parents are required to declare their child/ward's travel plans only if he/she intend to travel. 

Pls see attached user guide.

HRM letter and guide


Sec 2 Subject Selection Presentation Slides 2014

Thank you for attending the Sec 2 Subject Selection Briefing on 24 April 2014. Please click on the following link for the presentation slides.


Sec 2 Express Briefing 2014


Sec 2 NA NT Briefing 2014




SGC for 2013 graduates

SGC for 2013 graduates are ready for collection! Please collect your SGC and GCE ‘N’/‘O’ Level Certificate from the school's Gen Office (working weekday from 8am-530pm) asap.  You may authorise your family members to collect on your behalf with the attached authorisation form.  Thank you!

Download: Authorisation Form



School Safety Matters (Pre-existing medical conditions)

Dear Parents/Guardians

The school would like to seek your assistance on the following matter:


For children with pre-existing medical conditions, parents/guardians please ensure that your children bring their medication, e.g. Inhalers, to school. This is part of standard operating procedures to ensure the safety of our students.

Thank you.



Sexuality Education Programme 2014

Check out the latest update on Sexuality Education Programme in BBSS for 2014!

Opt out form is downloadable from the page.




Malay Special Programme Timetable 2014


The Malay special programme timetable for 2014 is out!

For more details, go to Special Programme > Malay Special Programme




 Problem saving School's Timetable from webpage


The school has received some feedback on problem saving the Timetable from our website as our school website is using flash to display the Timetable.


Here are some solutions to saving Timetable which can be downloaded here. (Pdf format)




2013 N-level Results Briefing and Analysis slides  


Please refer to the attachments below :


ITQ for ICT Residential Trainer 


Interested companies are invited to submit quotes for the position of ICT Residential Trainer via GEBIZ (MOESCHETQ13019507).  It will be published for 10 working days on the GEBIZ from 31 October 2013 onwards.




Anticipated FAQs on Haze For Parents


The following attachment is the FAQs regarding Haze for parents:


Download FAQ



NEA - Haze website 


As part of the effort to provide the public with easy access to timely information on the haze situation and advisories to protect ourselves, NEA has created a haze website at www.haze.gov.sg



Homework Policy  


Homework Policy 2013



Safejourney Website



 The Safejourney website was jointly developed by LTA, SMRT, SBS Transit and other government agencies to promote public transport (PT) security awareness to students from the upper primary to the lower secondary levels.


Information found in this website are useful and practical, e .g. how to report suspicious looking persons or items in the PT system etc. The students are also able to enjoy interactive games and learn about PT security in an unique manner.  There will also be regular contests to allow students to win attractive prizes.


Visit Safejourney website @ www.safejourney.sg




2012 N-level JIE Briefing



2013 Joint Intake Exercise



Letter on Revision of Fees from 2013   



Please kindly check the latest update on Revision of Fees.


Revision of Fees from 2013




Hair & Attire Check - Rules and Regualtions       


Please kindly check the latest Rules and Regulation for Hair & Attire check under

"School Information > Hair & Attire"

School Safety Matters



The road safety briefing document can be downloaded from here.


1. School Safety -15 May Assembly


2. Jaywalking at Expressway


3. accident footage in singapore



 ECHOES Blogspot

Click on the picture below to view the ECHOES Blogspot.


CIP Newsflash

Opportunity to do more CIP, especially for graduating students. Check CIP Newsflash! for details.